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Chauffeur is derived from the French word for ”Stoker” referencing times gone by when the process of starting an engine was far more complex than it is now.

Over 130 years ago when motorcars were first introduced they were very unreliable and if you were wealthy enough to afford one you wouldn’t consider not having a chauffeur in order to take care of your vehicle and ensure your journey was as smooth as possible.

As years went past and cars became more commonplace and affordable, for the wealthy the chauffeur service remained.  As these cars became more reliable the role of the chauffeur changed from being less mechanical and more service led.

The difference between a driver and a chauffeur

The chauffeur is a true professional and an expert in the field.  The geographical, historical and social knowledge of the city is second to none.  The chauffeur believes in taking care of their clients completely ensuring that every element of their journey is taken care of.

The chauffeur can offer exemplary recommendations concerning restaurants, accommodation and entertainment options.

Above all a chauffeur will pre-empt and second-guess their passengers’ requirements, leave nothing to chance and be a true professional at all times.  Our chauffeurs are always Driven professionals, never just drivers.


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