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Hire 1978 White Beauford Convertible for your wedding

1978 White Beauford Convertible

If you are planning on getting married in the summer months then one vehicle you may be very interested in hiring for your wedding day is our 1978 white Beauford Convertible. Weather permitting you will be able to request the hood of the vehicle is down and you will be able to pull up at your choice of wedding venue looking radiant and on full show.

This is another popular choice of vehicle hired for wedding days from Wedding by Driven and it does of course come with a fully uniformed chauffeur who is always going to be on hand.

What happens if it is raining?

As the one thing that you are not going to be able to plan for your wedding is the weather, should it start to rain on your wedding day then the drive will of course have the hood on this car up and as such you will arrive dry!

You will be able to request any special route that you may wish to take to your wedding ceremony and please do tell us about any special request when you book the car, and we will always ensure they are carried out.

What alternatives to a 1978 White Beauford Convertible are available?

If you would like to consider some alternatives to booking our 1978 White Beauford Convertible for your wedding day, we have lots of other vehicles that you may be interested in using. A couple of alternatives wedding day cars that you may be interested in booking include a 1960 Black and Ivory Rolls Royce Cloud or a Pearl White Rolls Royce Phantom, both of which are supplied with a chauffeur and can be booked for as long as you need them.

Will the vehicle be clean and serviced?

Our entire fleet of vehicles are very well maintained and before they are going out on any wedding day service they are fully cleaned inside and out. So you will arrive in completely luxury and the vehicles can of course be used for any photographs you would like to take. The chauffeur is always on hand to answer any additional questions you may have.

How to book a 1978 white Beauford Convertible

Should you be interested in booking and hiring a 1978 white Beauford Convertible from us, then we would suggest you contact us initially over the phone, as by doing so we can talk you through the type of vehicles we can supply and also find out how many guests you wish to arrange to be taken to your wedding day venues and will be able to suggest the number of vehicles you will need.

You can contact us to book 1978 white Beauford Convertible x on 0207 205 2345 and one of our booking team will be able to answer any additional questions you may have. Also please checkout of Facebook and Twitter pages which will also give you lots of other additional information and ideas for vehicles you can hire from us.

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