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How to Choose the Perfect Car for your Wedding

  1. Choosing Wedding DressThe dress… the sartorial centrepiece of the wedding determines the choice of car – no question. The bride needs to sit in the back seat comfortably and reflect en route. Rolls Royce Phantoms with coach style doors give plenty of room for larger full skirted designs AND graceful manoeuvre room for a tighter fitted gown. Vintage cars deliver on glamour and a stunning “look” but not on leg room – consider dress and height of the bride before opting for a retro exit.
  2. The journey – the length from home to the venue is crucial for comfort consideration – modern cars are bigger and better equipped for longer rides. Short journeys are perfect for a vintage car retro glamour arrival. All Weddings By Driven chauffeurs will have visited the venue in advance and have selected the most picturesque AND dress practical spot for arrival.
  3. The JourneyThe Season – Air conditioning for a Summer wedding to avoid make up shift is a must, and newer models of luxury car have this as standard. Vintage brides could opt for a classic convertible as an alternative (weather permitting).
  4. The “Clock” – timing is everything– it’s absolutely crucial that the small print of how long you have the vehicle for matches not only the pick up and drop off, but photography prior to departing for the ceremony and inevitable cumulative delays. A standard “Half day” is actually 3 hours, a time bracket that the team at Weddings By Driven have replaced to reflect their own experience: A “half day” with them is actually 5 hours: 4 hours with 30 mins either side to ensure focus is on the bride, photography and above all peace of mind and a stress free journey. Infallible Entrance 1Cost cutting on time bracket can be risky and stressful.
  5. The Extras – In this social media driven age, allowing us to share real time memories with family or friends that can’t make it to the big day, all Weddings By Driven cars have high speed WIFI for blogger brides or Facebook enthusiasts! Additionally, fridges with the bride’s chosen tipple, personalised number plates for photographs, personalised car ribbon, power points and mini hair styling tools, and a Space NK sourced vanity case of emergency hair & make up minis are also a standard from the team. A quick look in the pull down vanity mirror fitted in most models in the fleet is also a welcome detail.

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