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Infallible Entrance : How to Gracefully Enter & Exit a Wedding Car

How to Gracefully Enter & Exit a Wedding Car

And to the exit, Patrick Couderc at Herve Leger London says “We’ve all seen or experienced an ungainly exit from a car whose seat was lower than we anticipated or when an outfit is more restrictive than we thought. If ever there was a day to practice a graceful exit, totally possible with a few simple tricks, it would be on your wedding day”. He suggests following these steps to avoid mishaps and nail the “car shot” in the album:


  1. From the bottom inInfallible Entrance 1… whatever the vehicle type always enter bottom first so you can slide into the car backwards
  2. Feet and toes together… the foolproof way to ensure legs are always together whilst maintaining a natural posture is to focus on keeping feet and toes pressed together – the rest follows.
  3. Soles down… keep shoes parallel with the floor and lift them just enough to clear the sill and swing legs into the car
  4. The sporty/classic car exit requires a side swing… as the car is low it’s essential to keep legs together before swinging them to the side and standing feet together.
  5. A gullwing glide… Gullwing doors require an extra trick – exit bottom first and sit on the door ledge (Weddings By Driven chauffeurs will have placed for a rug for brides to protect the dress) before swinging legs out of the car and onto the ground in one movement – feet together always
  6. The Diagonal Maneouvre – when leaving a Rolls Royce or Bentley never “step out” as the first move. Wedding dress, ball gown or short dress – the secret is to remain seated, swing both legs to the side, shoes touching together, soles down and to exit on the diagonal. It ensures no distressing wardrobe malfunctions or accidental “reveals”.
  7. The Chauffeur has it… don’t complicate the exit with a bouquet or other accessories, hand all that to the chauffeur of course.
  8. Watch the hair… a crucial part of the big day, protect the styling and the tiara where appropriate. Place a hand gently and elegantly above the head to act as a guide of the headroom available. Even without tiara always dip the head just in case.
  9. Keep trains on the floor… wedding gowns with a train must remain on the floor, allowing enough slack to be free of its weight when swinging legs out of the vehicle.
  10. Wait and breathe… let your wedding team collect the train, check makeup, hand you back the bouquet, snap the “car exit” photo and applaud the most graceful of exits.

Want to Practice a graceful Enter & Exit a Wedding Car?

And finally….practice makes perfect: Weddings By Driven will be at the National Wedding Show, February 22-24 2013, with the only Rolls Royce Phantom II on hand for brides-to-be to practice a graceful exit for themselves. The Weddings By Driven team will be at Stand J26 to assist.

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